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SMSF Enduring Power of Attorney

A Hill Legal SMSF Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) form allows you to create an enduring power of attorney for an SMSF with enhanced protection benefits for a member who loses capacity. It is designed solely for a Hill Legal / Smarter SMSF Trust Deed. The EPA document has unique features which provide customisable express powers and restrictions on an attorney who becomes trustee of the fund upon a member losing capacity. The EPA and its terms are “hardwired” into the deed as a special rule of the fund.

Next steps

If you wish to proceed with the order, please complete your details in the web form link below and ensure you review carefully the express powers and powers requiring consent that you wish to provide in the SMSF Power of Attorney. Once completed, please click “submit” and we will then send you an invoice and credit card authority for completion and return. Alternatively, you may call our office to process the credit card payment over the phone. Upon payment of the invoice, the documents will be emailed to you for your printing.

If you have any questions about the process or the completion of the form below, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

SMSF Enduring Power of Attorney Price: $250 plus GST

Note: not suitable for a non-Hill Legal /Smarter SMSF Trust Deed


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